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Description of Amazon for Tablets

Do all your shopping directly from your Android phone with Amazon for Tablets.

Amazon is the biggest online store availabe on the Internet, where anything you can think of can be bought at a reasonable price. With Amazon for Tablets, you can finally do everything you usually do on the website from the comfort of your mobile device!

Browse through Amazon’s infinite catalog of books, games, movies, food, furniture, electrical appliances, gadgets and much more, and buy the products you’ve always wanted to have or always wanted to offer as a gift.

Add items to your shopping cart and buy them instantly. Manage your profile information, purchases, payment info and Amazon Prime member shipping options directly from this app!

Finding everything you need is easy! Simply look up your item and find it in a matter of seconds!

You’re not looking for a specific product yet? Shop by department and filter your results by brand, prices, language, etc! Every product has a page full of information and user reviews, so making an informed purchase is not a problem!

Once you’ve bought something, you can even leave your own rating and review, so other buyers know what to expect! Share your products with your friends to let them know it’s worth it!

There are incredible deals every day! Make sure to check out the “Today’s deals” page and the recommendations we’ve got for you!

And don’t forget to make a wishlist! Share the list with your loved ones, so they know what you want for Christmas or your birthday!

The whole app is designed to be easy and quick to navigate. You’ll be swiping, dragging and tapping through all the products in no time!

Plus, Amazon for Tablets is made to be super secure! All your information is safe with us.

Revolutionize the way you do your shopping with Amazon for Tablets!

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